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  Grid, our most robust system, is also one of our more popular ones. Seductive, yet strong, this system is all aluminium and all ready to go. Come, set up your perfect Grid.

Key features are :
  • A 75mm,tile-based syatem
  • An extensive wire management system that lets you pass wires in and out of any place on the system
  • Completely made from aluminium
  • Available with a perfect handshake for a 28mm system
  • Eye- catching die casted caps
  Get, set go! That’s the mantra of booming economies and companies and across the globe. And for those success stories in a hurry, we have the perfect ally – F1. This quick-to-install system offiers a much-needed combination of flexibility and rigidity. But perhaps the most apt reason for naming it so is the speed with which it is accepted into our clients’ offices. As well as their hearts.

Key features are :
  • A 60mm thick system
  • A panel- based system
  • Metal used is aluminium
  • Wire management via raceways and blocks
  Duet is our flagship product and its classic configuration is an integrated unit that effortlessly provides team interaction while affording individual privacy.

Key features are :
  • A perfect handshake between 60mm and 18mm partitions
  • A completely anodized aluminium finish
  • Wire management systems through both horizontal and vertical raceways
  • Contemporary international design delivering high aesthetic appeal
  With real estate being a precious commodity in cities across the world , office space comes at a very high premium to our clients. So when they are looking at an office system that fits into tight spaces as easily as it fits into tight budgets, they look no further than Nano, the sleekest , smartest option for any office.

Key features are :
  • A small, slim and sleek design
  • A 21mm thin system
  • A panel- based system
  • External wire management
  • Fully anodised
  True to its name, Space is a full height system that is not just completely modular, but also completely spectacular! This is the perfect system for when you want your office to make as much of an impact as you.

Key features are :
  • A 80mm thick full height system
  • A GI frame that provides rigidity and a high load-bearing capacity
  • Anodised aluminium sections as covers
  • In-built wire management systems
  • Options of Single Skin and Double Skin for glass and panels
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  Premium desking systems combine perfect finishing with true craftsmanship to offer an arresting combination of looks and efficiency.

Key features are :
  • Completely anodised aluminium structures
  • 30mm membrane MDF tops in superb finishes
  • In- built wire management systems
  • Complete range covering CEO Workstations, Discussion Tables, and Boardroom Tables
  • Complementary storage systems also available.
  Quadra is a free standing desk based system. This classy, flexible and intelligent desk based system with its incredible lightness of design and presence, supports changing needs of teamwork and working styles of organizations. Minimum usage of elements allows you to change the use of space creating the perfect environment for individuals and teams.

Key features are :
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple in construction.
  • Neat and convenient cable management.
  • Variety of options in finishes and materials.
  • Uses minimum components.
  We promise you a complete range to fulfil all your needs. Enter Nova. A range to fit tables, pedestals and other storages, these all wood freestanding desks and storages are perfect for desking.