Since its inception, i3 Space has been governed by its core Values. Our values define the culture, shape the character of our organization and guide how we behave and do business. We are powered by and committed to our values. No wonder then, that at i3 Space Our Values are our RICHES.
  • Reliability
  • Integrity- Personal and Corporate
  • Consistent Customer Delight
  • Honesty and Trust in all deals
  • Employee care
  • Strong and long lasting relationships with our Vendors and Clients.
Reliability: When a task is entrusted to us, it becomes our mission not just to complete the task, but also to complete it in a manner that would create steadfast trustworthiness. Our clients know for sure that they had came accross the most reliable organization.

Integrity- Personal and Corporate: Personal and Corporate uprightness is a very respected value in our system. We do not appreciate any kind of unethical behavior from employees/vendors.

Consistent Customer Delight: i3 Space believes in moving forward from the traditional values of yester years. We are not satisfied when our Customers are satisfied...... We are satisfied only when our Customers are Delighted.

Honesty and trust in all deals: Our clients and vendors will vouch for our way of working because of the transparency we maintain. It has been a constant and conscious effort to be that way because we understand that even in today’s fast-track world “Honesty is the best Policy”.

Employee Care: That ‘manpower is the biggest asset of any organization’ is a well known fact… We believe that the employees with us are the most treasured resources and so we take care of our employees in a way that each employee actually looks forward to a day at the work and contributes to the growth of the organization.

Strong and long lasting relationship with our Vendors and Clients: This is the value that not only influences the way we work but is also an integral part of the Culture at i3 Space. We are committed towards making a strong impact with our work and we treat both our vendors and clients with utmost respect. What we get in return is the cherished relationships with each one of them.